Vídeo contra la reforma de la ley del aborto y por la mobilización en el día de la mujer


We said no to the new abortion law in spain in English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Persian, Chinese, Turkish, Galician, Basque, Catalan, Spanish.

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In the midst of an economic crisis which is being used as an excuse to carry through endless social cuts, the conservative People’s Party government in Spain aims to impose a new abortion law, even more restrictive than the first in 1985. This project is being carried out with no regard for the majority opinion of the population and under the supervision of an expert’s commission composed exclusively of men, with only the support of the more reactionary sectors of the Catholic Church. The main goal of this law is to infantilise Spanish women and limit their own decisions about their own bodies.

All this is happening in a supposed secular state. In the middle of February the opposition tried to prevent this proposed law without success due to the absolute majority of the People’s Party in Spanish Parliament. It is urgent now to show both media and international support for women in the Spanish State.

In this context, in which the reproductive rights are not guaranteed all over the world and abortion is still banned or even penalised in some countries, this is a clear attack on historical achievements and part of a global strategy of women’s oppression. The Spanish case is not isolated: last December the Estrela’s report, which sought to guarantee the right to abortion in case of rape at European level, was rejected in the European Parliament.

Therefore, we demand:
– decriminalisation of abortion
– abortion right covered by the social care
– personalised health care and support after the abortion
– removal of guardian supervision in case of minors (under 18)
– removal of the period of reflection
– incorporation of sexual formation to the educational programs

Let’s create a support and solidarity network and convert this 8th of March in an appeal to guarantee women’s rights.

Our body, our choices.
We give birth, we decide.

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